Thursday, May 8, 2008

Home & Family: Biography of a Great Lady - Mary Moore, Part 2

by Muriel Sluyter on Rocky Mountain Straight Talk
on the yourLDSneighborhood Newsstand - 8 May 2008

And the saga continues . . .

It was early morning and James had two helpers cutting wheat, while he gave his horses their daily salt. John Simpson was lying in the loft of the cabin, too sick to work. Margaret was fixing breakfast; two of the children, Rebecca and William, were returning from the spring with the morning's supply of water.

With a shout, two raiding parties of Indians burst into view. One party headed for the house, and the other rushed to the field where the men were working. The first party shot Rebecca and William, approximately 7 and 5 years old, as they returned from the spring, after which they shot little Alexander, about 3 years old, near the house. ~ Read More