Monday, May 12, 2008

Religious: Sacrifice Brings Forth Blessings

by Rebecca Talley on Rebecca Talley Writes
on yourLDSneighborhood Newsstands - 12 May 2008

Several years ago, I heard a knock at my front door. I opened it to two older gentleman who wanted to teach me about their religion. They shared several scriptures, interpreting them much differently than what I was used to. I listened politely. At the conclusion of their remarks, they said, "We go out and preach the gospel regularly because we believe in what we're doing. Do you know of any other religion that sends out missionaries?"

I'm sure they didn't expect my response, "As a matter of fact, I do." I then went on to explain how the LDS Church has a missionary force of tens of thousands. Though I found it hard to believe they weren't aware of our missionaries, I didn't want to assume they were deliberately trying to be deceptive. After all, they believed enough in their religion that they were willing to give up their time to share their message. ~ Read More