Thursday, May 8, 2008

Religious: The MTC Experience

by Rebecca Talley on Rebecca Talley Writes

My son has been serving in the Italy Rome mission. Interestingly enough, his first mission president was our family doctor, which made me feel a little better about sending my first child halfway around the world.

As the day approached for my son to enter the MTC, I had mixed feelings. It was a day I’d looked forward to for 19 years, a culmination of all of my teaching, prodding (he might say harassing), and efforts to help my son prepare to serve his mission. I was thrilled he’d not only made the choice to serve, but was also worthy to do so. I was very proud of him. Yet, I knew that his absence would create a hole in the family and a hole in my heart. He’d been such a part of the family for so many years and none of his younger siblings knew life without him. I knew it wouldn’t be the same without him and though he was serving the Lord, it would be hard without him. ~ Read More