Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Neighbors: Enjoy the Journey

by Cheri Crane on Crane-ium
on yourLDSneighborhood Newsstands - 22 May 2008

Last week, as my husband and I explored Zion National Park, I "people watched." It must be a writer thing. Or I'm snoopy. I prefer to think that it's a writer thing. Anyway. . . I observed the people and places around me as I snapped numerous pictures. I was intrigued by the way a set of caring grandparents supervised\entertained three young granddaughters. I was touched by the talent of the artist from Japan as he busily sketched and painted the beauty that abounds in that national park. I laughed quietly when a woman screamed after I warned her to not step on the cute little snake before I took its picture. I watched, amazed, as adventurous types used ropes to scale the vertical walls of Zion Canyon. -- Read More